Web service for expectant mothers and fathers from the Ministry of Health

Web service for expectant mothers and fathers from the Ministry of Health


Web service for expectant mothers and fathers from the Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Promotion has launched “www.annevebebek.gov. tr” designed within the frame of the studies conducted to minimize maternal and infant deaths. The Ministry of Health has built a website for expectant mothers and fathers. The website features videos prepared by specialist doctors and animations related to getting prepared for pregnancy and about the pregnancy period. Omer Tontus, General Director of Health Promotion under the Ministry of Health, noted that the application would help ex-pectant mothers and fathers and stated the following about the website:

“www.annevebebek.gov.tr” contains
informa tion approved by scientific boards.

“The website contains information about what to do when getting prepared as a family during pregnancy when the new family is waiting for the baby’s arrival and what to do for the health of both the mother and the baby. The key focus here is the pregnancy period, preconception and post-conception periods, the birth and the first years of the baby after birth. The website has been de-signed to increase health literacy regarding these peri-ods and raise awareness among parents about what to do when they are waiting and how to treat the baby in general after birth. The website contains videos under 800 headings. Specialists share information based on contents, which are always approved by relevant scien-tific boards. All statements included on the website are accredited and based on scientific facts
Among others, the headings on the website include exercise during pregnancy, pregnancy diet, baby-care, breast-feeding, breast milk, becoming a father and the responsibilities of being a father. We directed a wide range of questions about pregnancy to expectant mothers and fathers. It is one thing to see the prob-lems experienced as a doctor; it is another thing to see them as a patient. We asked them about the things they wanted to learn and know. We organized the videos under different subjects according to the answers to these questions”. The main categories available at “www.annevebebek. gov.tr” are “TV programs, pregnancy diet, pregnancy exercises, becoming a family, pregnancy and birth animations, pregnancy trainings, ask a specialist, sketches and did you know about these?”.

Dr Ömer Tontuş

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