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Dr. H. Omer TONTUS

Dr. H. Ömer TONTUŞ

Dr. Omer Tontus, MD, General Surgeon, Clinical Teacher
Medical Tourism Expert & Keynote Speaker
Graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty on 1987 with M.D. degree.
Assumed the title of general surgery specialist on 1993 after completing residency program.
Performing as both physician and director in several agency and institutions,
Assigned as the Member of Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Medicine in 2009 and Head of Medical Education Department in 2010
Elected for Faculty Board of Management in 2011,
Assigned as Deputy Dean (Student Dean) of the Faculty of Medicine in 2011.
During performing as the Deputy Dean, assigned as the General Director of General Directorate of the Health Promotion of Ministry of Health of Turkey in 2013.
In 2014, I have also assigned to manage Turkey’s Medical Tourism policies.
Assigned as specialist in Public Hospitals Administration of Turkey in 2016.
From early 2015 to 2017, Dr. Tontus published 11 books. They all are focused on Medical Tourism.
Published books include:
All Aspects of Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism and Leading Countries
Medical Tourism and Hospitals
Country Reports
Saudia Arabia
Russian Federation
As a general surgeon and medical educator, Dr. Tontus is currently studying on designing medical education in a computer based approach. Through this research, Dr. Tontus and his team are studying on computer based assessment system and they developed dedicated a software.
He is also leading the WALLESS project for small group PBL activities through computer. The team is focused on adopting and integrating new technologies in medical education.
Recently, Dr. Tontus and colleagues introduced a new cognitive competency test. Test constructed with true/false statements in three level with a packed concept directly targeting only one learning outcome, which named as BTST (Branching Tree Statements Test).
In addition to her scholarly contributions, Dr. Tontus is a dedicated teacher. He served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Higher Education Council of OMU.
Also, he is a dedicated antique British silver collector with more than 5000 pieces of huge collection dating back to 16th century.

  1. 2017

    Advisory to Rector at Istanbul Technical University
  2. 2014

    Head of Medical Tourism Department of Turkey
  3. 2013

    General Director at Ministry of Health
  4. 2011

    Deputy Dean of Faculty of Medicine
  5. 2010

    Head of Medical Education Department
  6. 1998

    CEO at Private Practice Hospital
  7. 1996

    Chief of Medical Staff at Private Practice Hospital
  8. 1994

    Chief of Medical Staff at State Hospital
  9. 1993

    Gained General Surgeon title
  10. 1987

    Graduated from Istanbul University as MD